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Barclay introduces listeners to the Speed Dating for Humanities, …

– 09 Dec 2015 8:05PM
– AM Radio: Radio National, Canberra, Big Ideas, Paul Barclay

Barclay introduces listeners to the Speed Dating for Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS) Researchers. he says it’s where humanities and social science researchers each get three minutes to pitch their work. Trevor Burnard, The University of Melbourne, says he looks at small countries like Jamaica and the British Caribbean. He discusses the history of these countries. He says Australia never had formal slavery, but some prominent Australians were slave owners or the descendants of slaves, mentioning Sir Henry Barkley, who opened the National Gallery of Victoria; Sir Edmond Barry, who established the University of Melbourne. He believes studying slavery helps us understand the big questions of morality and human behaviour. Dr Deborah Dempsey, Swinburne University, discusses the climate of political protest about same sex marriage and rights. She says same sex marriage represents the final frontier in the fight for relationship equality now. She discusses her research into the family lives of same sex attracted Australians. Dr Heather Gaunt, Ian Potter Museum of Art, discusses research into the idea that having medical students take art study classes impact their level of compassion when dealing with patients. Dr Jane Mummery, Federation University, says we’re appalled at exposes of puppy factories and animal cruelty, but notes inhuman killing of pest species is ignored. She says animal welfare was described by the Australian Journal of Law Reform as Australia’s next great social justice issue. Dr Anna Poletti, Monash University, discusses how cardboard boxes has become a technology of self-documentation. Associate Professor Roman Spaaij, Victoria University, discusses terrorism, saying recently events like the Parramatta shooting and the Sydney Siege highlight the complexity of the issue. He says the public expected authorities to do their utmost to prevent attacks. Dr Michael Theophilos, Australian Catholic University, discuss the method of using landfills as a way of dumping rubbish. Professor Kim Vincs, Deakin University, discusses embodied movement design.

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– Country: Australia
– State: National
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